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The Great Paid Search Debate: Google or Bing?

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In this day and age, the digital world is a marketer’s dream. Among the variety of online channels, it’s even easier for brands to make waves and generate leads. Our team gets asked a series of questions pertaining to these channels, inquiring about our recommendations for delivering the strongest ROI. The most common question: Should I run my ads through Google, Bing or both? To help you navigate the paid search waters, we’re outlining each, helping you decide which makes the most sense for your business. Paid search marketing, also commonly known as PPC or SEM, is one of the most powerful tactics for generating qualified leads within a budget that’s comfortable for your business. Why is this, you ask?…

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Chocolate cake

Sweet Success! 3 Ingredients For Quality SEO

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If you’re baking a cake for a friend or family member’s birthday, you probably follow a detailed recipe from a book or website. These recipes will not only give you exact measurements of ingredients, but it will also list each step to bake, and decorate the cake. Having a recipe to follow is helpful when baking the cake, but it can also reduce the stress that comes during the baking process. As a business owner, you may also search for a recipe to create quality SEO content for your website. While there are millions of cake recipes in print and online, finding a full recipe for web content is a bit more challenging. Thankfully, understanding which ingredients are necessary for quality,…

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New Service Package Offerings!

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Historically, Morris Marketing has created plans specific to each client, based on their needs. In doing so, we have been able to determine what most clients need. In order to simplify the process for our clients, we’ve developed service packages based on the most common needs and wants of most business owners. Every service package can be tweaked in order to better meet your specific needs, but a defined service package provides a great starting point. “Basic Website Package”     We found that there are many companies, either brand new or in their third decade of service, who know they need to get online but currently have no web presence at all. These businesses may not be ready to…

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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Business Website

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You know you want more traffic to your business website. You know that traffic generates sales, even if you do not have an online store. What you don’t know is how to make that happen! Here are some tips to get you started attracting new visitors (and conversions!) to your business website. 1 – Is your business website up to snuff? Or is a website redesign in your near future? Before you do anything else, examine and test your website for the following features: How many clicks to purchase are needed? Three or fewer is ideal. Your contact form should be simple, short, and easy to use. NEVER ask the customer to enter the same information twice. Ensure your guarantee and call-to-action…

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family christmas cookies

Merry Christmas and Have a Cookie!

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Christmastime is magical. It involves family, gifts, worship, and… sugar. The most popular and traditional treat at Christmastime is Christmas cookies. Our Raleigh-based marketing and design team is sharing their favorite Christmas cookies and even a few recipes! Michael Morris is the founder and CEO of Morris Marketing. He is the brains and the super-power within our organization. So it’s no big surprise that Mike’s favorite Christmas cookie is a classic sugar cookie. According to HuffPo, those who like sugar cookies best are traditional, stable, and dependable people. That describes Mike perfectly, and that also explains why he serves his clients so well. Kristina Bynum is our VP and Director of Operations. She shares why her favorite Christmas cookie is…

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Don’t Whine About Bad Web Design

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Are you proud of your website? Or do you cower behind it hoping no one will actually see it? One of the goals of any entrepreneur is to be seen and heard in the online space utilizing their website. If you feel shame when people mention it, or worse yet, you refrain from giving out the web address at all, then your website is not doing all it can to promote your hard work. What may lift your spirits is that bad web design is something that can be fixed when you have the proper team on your side. Here are three common web design mistakes made by many Raleigh businesses — along with what can be done to make…

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Is Your Business Ready for a Fresh Website Design?

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As your business grows and changes over time, your website must change with it. Whether you do most of your business online, or you have a brick and mortar location, you can no longer afford to ignore how you appear to your customers online as we move into 2016. If your website still reads like a business card from the 1990’s then it is definitely time for an upgrade. Here are a few questions that will help you determine if it is time to give your web design for your Raleigh business a fresh look. #1 Is your website mobile ready? One of the biggest elements to affect website design for Raleigh businesses is the increased use of mobile technology…

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Welcome to the Digital Age

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Welcome to the digital age. Are you convinced that your business needs to be digitally accessible? No? Been to a concert lately? If so, did you notice more camera flashes or digital phone flashes? Been to a coffee shop and looked in vain for a free power outlet and the WiFi password?  Yes, digital gadgets and digital imaging devices are in practically everyone’s hands now. And devices aren’t just for personal use; they are a critical business tool in today’s marketplace. Are you using up-to-date technology in your office? Here’s a simple test: Do you print to a device that doesn’t have at least two other functions? If so, you’re working with old technology. Do you have a fax machine…

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