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understand google analytics

How to Understand Google Analytics…Even if You’re Not a Techie!

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Google Analytics is an extremely helpful tool to enable business and website owners figure out whether their website is effective in bringing in visitors and converting them to customers. Most businesses have some kind of website, but if they aren’t tracking what is actually happening when users visit, then they don’t know if it’s really an effective business tool. According to the gurus at Search Engine Journal, “to make effective online business decisions, we must have an idea of where traffic is coming from and what visitors are doing while there.”  Want to get started taking your business to the next level using Google Analytics? Let’s look at some key features this free tool offers. First, the basic, default data on…

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website construction raleigh

New Service Package Offerings!

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Historically, Morris Marketing has created plans specific to each client, based on their needs. In doing so, we have been able to determine what most clients need. In order to simplify the process for our clients, we’ve developed service packages based on the most common needs and wants of most business owners. Every service package can be tweaked in order to better meet your specific needs, but a defined service package provides a great starting point. “Basic Website Package”     We found that there are many companies, either brand new or in their third decade of service, who know they need to get online but currently have no web presence at all. These businesses may not be ready to…

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Web mistakes

5 Annoying Website Mistakes That Drive Your Customers Away

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This month in our blog, we’ve looked at how to drive more traffic to your business website. Today, let’s examine some website issues that may unintentionally drive your customers away from your website. 1 – Pop-Up Ads. Top of the “annoying” list has to be pop-ups. Does anyone actually like these? Users quickly become frustrated and feel like they’ve lost control of their interaction with your website as soon as the pop-ups appear. There are much better ways to collect information from your users than pop-ups. Avoid them altogether and you’ll have happier website customers. 2 – Poor Text Appearance. Is the text font on your website tiny and hard to read? Your twenty-something programmer may not understand why that…

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increase website traffic

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Business Website

By | Search Engine Optimization, Web Design | 2 Comments

You know you want more traffic to your business website. You know that traffic generates sales, even if you do not have an online store. What you don’t know is how to make that happen! Here are some tips to get you started attracting new visitors (and conversions!) to your business website. 1 – Is your business website up to snuff? Or is a website redesign in your near future? Before you do anything else, examine and test your website for the following features: How many clicks to purchase are needed? Three or fewer is ideal. Your contact form should be simple, short, and easy to use. NEVER ask the customer to enter the same information twice. Ensure your guarantee and call-to-action…

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web design raleigh

Don’t Whine About Bad Web Design

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Are you proud of your website? Or do you cower behind it hoping no one will actually see it? One of the goals of any entrepreneur is to be seen and heard in the online space utilizing their website. If you feel shame when people mention it, or worse yet, you refrain from giving out the web address at all, then your website is not doing all it can to promote your hard work. What may lift your spirits is that bad web design is something that can be fixed when you have the proper team on your side. Here are three common web design mistakes made by many Raleigh businesses — along with what can be done to make…

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