How to Creat Great SEO Content

If you’re baking a cake for a friend or family member’s birthday, you probably follow a detailed recipe from a book or website. These recipes will not only give you exact measurements of ingredients, but it will also list each step to bake, and decorate the cake. Having a recipe to follow is helpful when baking the cake, but it can also reduce the stress that comes during the baking process.

As a business owner, you may also search for a recipe to create quality SEO content for your website. While there are millions of cake recipes in print and online, finding a full recipe for web content is a bit more challenging. Thankfully, understanding which ingredients are necessary for quality, you can create interesting, relevant, and content suitable to share — for your business website.

Flavor is King

Everyone likes chocolate cake, but eating chocolate cake every year for your birthday can get pretty boring. To mix it up a bit, consider baking vanilla with strawberries, coconut, or even a banana cream cake. This same system applies to your website content since readers do not want to constantly read a definition of your product or the benefits of your service.

When it comes to creating shareworthy content for your website, think outside the normal box that contains ordinary chocolate cake and gives your readers and website visitors a bit more flavor.

Reduce the Fluff

When making a cake, you will need a large container for mixing the ingredients. Google will become this mixing bowl when creating web content. This bowl is large enough to hold all the ingredients for multiple birthday cakes, but you don’t want your birthday cake ingredients to get lost in the mix.

Unfortunately, stuffing keywords and filler fluff into your content will mask its unique flavor, decreasing the appeal of your content to Google. Keywords may have been important ingredients in your content in the past, but they are not appealing to Google’s taste buds any longer.

When creating your content, focus more on the quality of your content and less on the keyword quantity. Design your content for potential customers and not for search engines. Think about your audience and determine what they want to know about your product, service, or even your industry. Give them that answer and they will not only continue reading, but they will also want to share a bite of birthday cake (Uhh, I mean, content) with others.


Let Them Eat Cake

After tasting the birthday cake you worked so hard on, you will do one of a few things. If the first bite appeals to you, you will continue eating. If you are really enjoying the cake, you may want to give a bite to others.

In regards to web content, if the first sight of the web page or blog interests you, you will continue reading. If the content grabs your attention and holds it, you may even want to share it with others.

Having a knife or cake slicer, extra plates, and forks on hand will allow you to share your birthday cake with others. These same “tools” apply to sharing your web content with others.

To be successful with your quality content, your website pages must include a widget or links that allow your users to share the content through email and across different social media platforms. Allow users to share on Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Since users still share the most on Facebook, be sure to include this favorite social media platform, as well.

If you want to learn more about baking birthday cakes, you should contact Alton Brown or one of the other celebrity chefs on television. However, if you want to learn more about creating quality content for your business, contact Mike Morris at 919-424-8314.


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