Ok, so your mom has an email account, and she checks it upwards of once a day. She’s on Facebook too! But when was the last time she ordered lumber from her mobile phone and fussed about the website’s ease-of-use? I thought so.

What is “Responsive Design” and why should you care? Answer these questions first:

  • How much traffic on your website originates from mobile devices or phones?
  • Do people complain your text content is too small on certain devices?
  • Does your image content look outdated or cropped incorrectly on smaller screens?
  • Do you know your website is ready for the future?

Responsive Design is the process of updating and re-coding a website so that it quickly and easily responds to a user’s choices – such as switching from a laptop to an iPad, then later finishing their transaction on their android phone. In this era of great technological variety, it is impractical to build a website version for every possible device. Instead, what you want is to invest in a responsive design so your customers can access your website with ease from any device they choose.

Digging deeper, what kinds of things happen when a business website is updated using responsive design? The website automatically adjusts to a variety of screen resolutions, ranging from older, outdated desktops to newer, larger HD screens. Image placement and size will make sense even when accessed on a very small screen, like an iPhone 4. Content layout will adjust based on the screen size to help the user move through your website more easily. Your logo and company name will be maintained and not cropped on a smaller device. Click buttons will function properly on both touchscreens and cursor-driven devices. Order forms and surveys will offer properly-sized text boxes, especially helpful for those of us with middle-aged eyes. (Just sayin’.)

As a business owner, do you know how much hand-held device traffic converts? At Morris Marketing, we use analytics to determine if your website is working for you or against you in an increasingly hand-held device environment. Call us today at 919.424.8314 to prepare your business website for the future! Your mom will be proud.

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