Does your business website have a blog? Business blogging is a key element of a great content strategy. Regular blogging has so many benefits to your business. Here’s ten big reasons to start (or keep on) blogging:

1 – The very biggest reason to blog is it drives traffic to your website. Who doesn’t want that? Ultra-successful businessman Warren Buffet is credited with saying, “Any business not bringing in new business is going out of business.”

2 – According to HubSpot’s “Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics,” 82% of marketers who post blogs daily reported earning at least one new customer through their blog, and 57% of monthly bloggers reported the same. There is measurable ROI for most business owners who blog regularly!

3 – Blogging is a relatively low-cost form of advertising and marketing. It costs nothing to re-post a blog to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

4 – Writing blogs helps you to further define your brand. You get to set the tone with your customers and website visitors. Blogging is also an opportunity to differentiate your brand from the competition.

5 – Researching blog topics will force you to learn more and stay on top of trends in your industry. When you pass this information on in a readable blog, your customers will appreciate it.

6 – Blogging helps you consider your customer’s needs and perspective. When you are in touch with what your customers want to know, you will connect with them. This gives your business an edge.

7 – Offering a freebie through a blog gives you an opportunity to increase your value to your customers. Everyone likes free offers, so use your blog to give away an eBook, an industry-specific PDF, or an occasional promotion. You may just find that your customers will return to your blog regularly to see if there’s any new freebie!

8 – You present yourself as an authority in your industry when you publish relevant blogs on a regular basis. When a new website visitor sees you have blogs going back months or years, it conveys stability and trustworthiness. By offering them information and an opportunity to respond, customers will view you as a partner.

9 – Adding blogs increases the number of pages on your website. Google likes this and will reward you by re-crawling your website. This, in turn, should improve your organic search ranking. Posting great blogs is one of the best ways to boost SEO.

10 – Blogging is fun! If you don’t believe me, give it a try. Ask several of your employees to write a blog once per month. They don’t have to be long articles, it’s best to aim for around 300-500 words. Include pictures or graphs to add interest. You may find you have some budding writers on your staff!

Business blogging is a great part of an overall marketing plan. At Morris Marketing in Raleigh, we specialize in building custom business websites and small business marketing. We’d love to help you develop a smart marketing plan for your business. Call Mike Morris at 919-424-8314 today.

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