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September 2016


Are You Succeeding at Mobile Marketing?

Why Go Mobile? Mobile internet devices are here to stay. As a small business owner, you must embrace mobile marketing or you will lose business. What consumers look up on their smartphones has a huge impact on their purchasing decisions. The statistics substantiate this: 73% of mobile device searches result in a follow-up action, such as a phone call, a visit, a share, or an order placed. 50% of people report looking something up on their smartphones en route to a store. 60% of people report using their smartphones in a store. 39% of people who walked out of a store without purchasing reported being influenced by something they saw on their smartphone. 48% of people who visited a website…
Mike Morris
September 27, 2016

The Great Paid Search Debate: Google or Bing?

In this day and age, the digital world is a marketer’s dream. Among the variety of online channels, it’s even easier for brands to make waves and generate leads. Our team gets asked a series of questions pertaining to these channels, inquiring about our recommendations for delivering the strongest ROI. The most common question: Should I run my ads through Google, Bing or both? To help you navigate the paid search waters, we’re outlining each, helping you decide which makes the most sense for your business. Paid search marketing, also commonly known as PPC or SEM, is one of the most powerful tactics for generating qualified leads within a budget that’s comfortable for your business. Why is this, you ask?…
Mike Morris
September 16, 2016
Small Business

Will the Updated Google+ Be a Boon for Businesses?

Are you a Google+ user? If not, then the main reason you may know about Google+ is by using YouTube, which until mid-2015 required a Google+ membership in order to comment on YouTube content. In the past 2 weeks, Google has rolled out a redesigned Google+. The goal of the redesign is to help businesses “collaborate and communicate more effectively.” Let’s take a look at some of Google+’s new and updated features to see how they might help your small business succeed. New home page that enables users to find what they want faster New notifications center that helps users get up-to-date quickly Users can add links and photos to their comments Community owners and moderators can control/approve member posts…
Mike Morris
September 12, 2016

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