Summer is here and it’s time to take a trip! Does your wallet protest because your budget is tighter than last season’s skinny jeans? If you are lucky enough to live in Raleigh, North Carolina (like we do at Morris Marketing) then you still have lots of super-fun day trip options. Read on to find one or two that will please your family and your wallet!

Duke Gardens, Durham, NC 420 Anderson Street, Durham

Travel time from Raleigh: 30-45 minutes

Cost: $2/hour to park, Gardens are free

Kid friendly? Yes

Even if you are not a total outdoor enthusiast, this place is for you. The gardens are exquisite and well-kept year round, and have easy walking paths throughout. Strollers are welcome. In the springtime, do not miss the tulips at the tiered garden. Children especially enjoy the koi ponds. At one end of the gardens, there is a large grassy hill surrounded by magnolia trees; this is the perfect spot for a picnic and to let the kids run around. Duke University students can be found lounging or studying here on a sunny day.

If you are up for more walking, there are several entrances from the gardens to the Duke University campus. Enjoy the gothic architecture, tour the cathedral, and find a bite to eat in the Student Center.


The Town of Seagrove, population 230

Travel time from Raleigh: 1 hour 40 minutes

Cost: free (except for all the pottery you will want to buy)

Kid friendly? No

Here is a trip to please the adults. Seagrove, North Carolina is a tiny town, but it’s a huge haven for potters (and their customers). The craft of pottery making was introduced to the area by English and German immigrants around the time of the Revolutionary War. The area boasts around 100 potteries and is home to the North Carolina Pottery Center. History buffs will enjoy learning about the origins of earthenware and visiting Owen’s Pottery, which opened its doors in 1895.


Wrightsville Beach, near Wilmington, NC

Travel Time from Raleigh: 2 hours

Cost: $15/day for public parking

Kid friendly? Yes

Raleigh locals love Wrightsville Beach, but dislike the high hotel room prices in this popular area. Thankfully, it’s do-able as a day trip! Your success and enjoyment will depend on planning ahead. First, check the city website for parking areas that have public bathrooms, a must when you don’t have a hotel room. Some areas even have showers for rinsing off. Bring your cooler filled with ice and non-alcoholic beverages so you and your family stay hydrated on the beach. Since you won’t be able to use any hotel amenities such as chairs or towels, be sure to bring enough of your own from home. There are many beach-goer friendly restaurants that are walking distance from the beach, or pack your own lunch in the cooler. Enjoy your mini-beach vacation!


Ride the Train to the Greensboro Children’s Museum, Greensboro, NC

Travel time on train: 1 hour, 20 minutes. 15 minute walk to museum

Cost: Train ticket: $19.50 one way/adult and half price for kids under 12. Museum admission: $8.00/person

Kid friendly: ABSOLUTELY!

If the kids need to be entertained and it’s just too hot to spend a lot of time outside, make a super-fun day trip riding an Amtrak train to the Greensboro Children’s Museum! Most kids love trains, and the ride from the Cary station is under an hour and a half. Most trains have coffee and water service. Trains depart the Cary station at 6:58 AM and 11:58 AM, and return trips are scheduled at 1:42 PM and 6:57 PM. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the Greensboro train station to the Greensboro Children’s Museum. The museum opens at 9:00 AM daily (closed Mondays), so if you take the early train, stop for a bite to eat at a bakery along the way. The museum offers fun exhibits like Gizmos & Gadgets, Our Town, Market, and a Plane Exhibit. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy!


We hope you have a blast taking some day trips this summer! When you need creative marketing ideas, call Mike Morris of Morris Marketing at 919-424-8314 .

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