Last week, we looked at the role Native Advertising plays in the ever-shifting marketing landscape. If you missed that blog, get in-the-know with “3 Reasons to Try Native Advertising“.   We concluded that many businesses, both large and small, can benefit from trying native advertising on social media. But what is the connection between brand penetration and native advertising? Can trying native advertising give your brand a boost? The answer is definitely a “yes,” when the native ads are carefully crafted.

A brand is a lot more than a logo. It represents who you are as a company, including your mission and your core values. For a primer in branding, check out my blog “Your Brand – Is It Time For An Upgrade?”

Tips to boost your brand penetration using native advertising:

  • If your business’s advertising dollars have mostly been spent on more traditional forms of advertising, such as radio and newspaper ads, trying native advertising could take your brand into a new territory and to a new, unreached audience. The key to success is to choose the social media platform that is most popular with your target audience.
  • Use native advertising to bring clarity to your existing brand message. Set a tone using voice, music, and/or photography. Be true to your brand, just in a new format.
  • Use native advertising to build trust with past and current customers. Help them remember why they liked you and bought from you in the first place.
  • Express what makes your business unique and better than the competition.
  • Use native advertising to give your potential customers a chance to experience your product, much more so than a traditional ad. This taps into our culture’s desire for instant gratification.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that any new advertising must be consistent with your existing advertising, your website, and all other branding materials. Any lack of consistency will confuse your customers and ultimately have a negative impact on your brand.

Mike Morris, Principal and Director of Sales for Morris Marketing, asserts that “Native ads could, potentially, feed the brand. I see the impact on the depth of brand penetration within a market and the breadth of reach across the same.”

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