Raleigh is a prime place to live, raise a family, get an education, and start a business. But if you’re wondering how a small, locally-owned businesses can compete with larger, nationally known businesses, here are some ideas to consider.

In order to see your small business succeed in Raleigh, you must know what makes Raleigh’s people unique. Raleigh has a diverse, well-educated, and highly artistic community. About 48% of people over age 25 have a Bachelor’s degree, compared to the national average of 25-34%.  Most citizens of Raleigh aren’t always just interested in getting the lowest price at a big-box store, they want quality with a local connection. Yes, national chain restaurants can be found in Raleigh, but most prefer to try a local restaurant that sources much of its menu locally. Our local favorites include anything in the award-winning Ashley Christensen empire.  Most Raleigh women prefer a handbag from Stitch,  locally designed and made, over anything that comes from a department store. And Raleigh gentlemen know that the place to buy jewelry for their loved ones is at our local jewelry institution, Bailey’s Fine Jewelry.

Raleigh has a great organization that supports and promotes small, locally-owned businesses. Shop Local Raleigh is an arm of the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association. This group has a cult following in Raleigh and many citizens sport their iconic logo on their cars, bikes, and backpacks. Better yet, they take buying local seriously and have built a huge following. A small business owner in Raleigh can tap into all that enthusiasm by joining!

Are you a small business owner that thinks you have to hire a large, expensive, national marketing firm in order to help your business succeed? Great news, you are much better off partnering with a local digital marketing agency like Morris Marketing to help you build a digital presence and marketing plan geared toward local outreach. We design business websites with local-friendly keywords and content. Our content team specializes in writing original blogs with a local slant. Social media is everywhere, worldwide, but we can help you leverage its power to reach customers locally. Direct mail is another valuable option in our local marketing toolbox. Mailers can be used to target specific neighborhoods or areas of town, and studies have shown people trust a mailer more than an email advertisement.

Raleigh is a great place to call home and start a business. Morris Marketing can help you get results with your local marketing efforts! Call us today at 919-424-8314 .


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