In this day and age, the digital world is a marketer’s dream. Among the variety of online channels, it’s even easier for brands to make waves and generate leads. Our team gets asked a series of questions pertaining to these channels, inquiring about our recommendations for delivering the strongest ROI.

The most common question: Should I run my ads through Google, Bing or both? To help you navigate the paid search waters, we’re outlining each, helping you decide which makes the most sense for your business.

Paid search marketing, also commonly known as PPC or SEM, is one of the most powerful tactics for generating qualified leads within a budget that’s comfortable for your business. Why is this, you ask? As marketers, we’re able to serve up a custom, relevant ad to your target market at the exact moment they are needing your product or service the most. In addition, paid search allows you to set custom daily or weekly budgets to ensure you always stay within your desired parameters. For those who want to delve a little deeper into how exactly paid search works, we’re fans of Search Engine Land’s explanation.

Since paid search marketing only allows you to pay for the results, it’s crucial to understand the goals of your business to determine which channel is right for you. Let’s break down the two top performing channels you can choose to run paid search ads through: Google and Bing.

• Owns 67% of the market share
• More precise targeting for display ads
• Ability to advertise on Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Gmail,   Blogger, YouTube and Google Finance
• Preferred by most big name brands

• Less competition for your ads
• Cost per click (CPC) is less expensive than Google (by about 33.5%)
• More control over search partner targeting
• More robust options for social extensions in your ads
• Better device targeting for your ads

Our recommendation? Try a healthy mix of both. We’ve seen success with starting a campaign on Google and testing for 2-3 months. Once we gain an understanding of what works well and what doesn’t, we can import your Google campaigns straight into Bing. This means that you can run only the top performing ads at a lower cost per click and with fewer competitors – thus increasing overall ROI. To discuss a custom paid search plan for your business, get in touch with our team.

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