You know you want more traffic to your business website. You know that traffic generates sales, even if you do not have an online store. What you don’t know is how to make that happen! Here are some tips to get you started attracting new visitors (and conversions!) to your business website.

1 – Is your business website up to snuff? Or is a website redesign in your near future? Before you do anything else, examine and test your website for the following features:

  • How many clicks to purchase are needed? Three or fewer is ideal.
  • Your contact form should be simple, short, and easy to use. NEVER ask the customer to enter the same information twice.
  • Ensure your guarantee and call-to-action are easy to find.
  • Use relevant headlines on every page. This helps search engines rank your site pages more favorably.
  • Capture visitor information with an opt-in for a newsletter, special discount, or other promotion.

2 – Does your business website offer awesome, relevant, hard-to-find content? One of the very best ways to drive traffic to your website is to frequently post amazing content. Your content needs to be fresh and well-written; misspellings and grammatical errors can be a real turn-off to some customers. Each time you add relevant, keyword-friendly content to your business website, search engines (especially Google) acknowledge the addition by re-crawling and re-ranking your site. This is one of the most effective and relatively inexpensive ways to increase your organic (unpaid) search ranking.

You should be posting that awesome new content regularly on social media. LinkedIn and Twitter are particularly effective today, but more than ever, it pays to know which social media sites are popular with your target customer base. Millennials hang out on Snapchat and Instagram while their moms are perusing Facebook and the men are using Reddit and sports-related chat sites. This may seem obvious, but you need to go where your customers are. Content promotion is no longer optional.

Make sure your content is linkable. If your readers can’t link to it, then search engines won’t care much about ranking it. This, in turn, will fail to drive more visitors to your website. All pages on your site, not just your home page, should be linkable. Ideally, you want customers to be able to share your product pages, services, and your blog. If you don’t have a blog on your business website, add one today. Post a new blog at least weekly. Again, this is one of the very best ways to prompt search engines to re-crawl and re-rank your website.

If your time is spent running your business and serving your customers well, tackling website redesign and content may not be something you can accomplish on your own. Morris Marketing specializes in helping Raleigh businesses reach their business goals through digital marketing. We have programmers and copywriters on staff who specialize in helping business websites succeed. Call us today at 919-424-8314 for a consultation.

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