Christmastime is magical. It involves family, gifts, worship, and… sugar. The most popular and traditional treat at Christmastime is Christmas cookies. Our Raleigh-based marketing and design team is sharing their favorite Christmas cookies and even a few recipes!

Michael Morris is the founder and CEO of Morris Marketing. He is the brains and the super-power within our organization. So it’s no big surprise that Mike’s favorite Christmas cookie is a classic sugar cookie. According to HuffPo, those who like sugar cookies best are traditional, stable, and dependable people. That describes Mike perfectly, and that also explains why he serves his clients so well.

recipeKristina Bynum is our VP and Director of Operations. She shares why her favorite Christmas cookie is one her Grandma makes every year for their family – “Fingersticks.” Christina reports: “She probably makes 3 or 4 batches every year because they are such a hit! My Dad and I fight over the last one every single year. I like to call them little bites of heaven. I’ve tried to make these a time or two, but they are still better at my Grandma’s house.” We feel very honored that Kristina was willing to share the recipe with us!

Tony Shaw is the Creative and Interactive Director at Morris Marketing. By far, his favorite Christmas cookie is a Snickerdoodle. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a decadent flavor combination dominated by butter and warm sweet spices, like cinnamon. Tony actually reminds me of one of my all-time favorite chefs, Sam Poley of Durham, NC, who likes to remind his customers that “Butter makes it better!” I’m pretty sure that Tony agrees!

Marissa Rhodes is our resident SEO Guru, more formally known as the Internet Marketing Coordinator. Marissa also claims the Snickerdoodle as her favorite Christmas cookie. She says: “the cinnamon mixed with the bold, exotic spices of the tea always make me think of this time of year. It’s definitely a comfort snack.” A recipe to the soft snickerdoodle cookies she likes best can be found here:

Jeanne Moore is the copywriter and content creator for Morris Marketing. Jeanne is our resident chocoholic, so any Christmas cookie she likes must include some (preferably dark) chocolate. Jeanne’s mom made many different types of Christmas cookies when she was growing up, but by far her favorite is Magic Cookie Bars. “I always associate this bar cookie with Christmastime, it was the only time of year my mom made them. They are a decadent, gooey treat with plenty of chocolate and nuts. Now my kids love them too!” If the Magic Cookie Bar is not currently a part of your Christmas cookie repertoire, check out the recipe here:

From everyone at Morris Marketing in Raleigh, NC, have a joyful, fun, and safe holiday season!

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