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How to Use Google Analytics…to Drill, baby, Drill!

Drill? Are we going to Home Depot? Are we starting a blog about drills? No, no, in this blog we want to learn how to use Google Analytics to “drill down” into your website data. If you are unfamiliar with Google Analytics, read my BLOG  from last week to learn the basics. To reiterate, the goal of using Google Analytics for your business website is to: Inform decision-making Gain understanding of customers and their behavior Increase ROI and sales If you’ve already examined your Exit Pages data but still not sure why some lower-rated pages are causing users to leave your site, then check out In-Page Analytics in the Behavior tab. This tool allows you to see a page as…
Mike Morris
February 25, 2016
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How to Understand Google Analytics…Even if You’re Not a Techie!

Google Analytics is an extremely helpful tool to enable business and website owners figure out whether their website is effective in bringing in visitors and converting them to customers. Most businesses have some kind of website, but if they aren’t tracking what is actually happening when users visit, then they don’t know if it’s really an effective business tool. According to the gurus at Search Engine Journal, “to make effective online business decisions, we must have an idea of where traffic is coming from and what visitors are doing while there.”  Want to get started taking your business to the next level using Google Analytics? Let’s look at some key features this free tool offers. First, the basic, default data on…
Mike Morris
February 18, 2016

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