Welcome to the digital age. Are you convinced that your business needs to be digitally accessible? No? Been to a concert lately? If so, did you notice more camera flashes or digital phone flashes? Been to a coffee shop and looked in vain for a free power outlet and the WiFi password?  Yes, digital gadgets and digital imaging devices are in practically everyone’s hands now.

And devices aren’t just for personal use; they are a critical business tool in today’s marketplace.

Are you using up-to-date technology in your office? Here’s a simple test: Do you print to a device that doesn’t have at least two other functions? If so, you’re working with old technology. Do you have a fax machine that’s only a fax machine? If so, you are not using current digital technology. Where’s the cheapest place to buy today’s bestselling book? If you said “the store down the street” without first searching across multiple websites, you are getting left behind. Got a website that doesn’t resize for an iPhone and an Android device? Customers will not interact with a website like that anymore, which means you’re losing business.

laser fax machine close up

Did you know that in the 1980’s, the fax machine-era rocked local telephone companies because they were unprepared for the demand for additional phone numbers? It forced a scramble to add additional area codes because each fax needed its own phone number. (GreatData.com and NANPA.com, February 2013) It seemed like overnight nearly every home and office had a fax machine, and it quickly became indispensable. New technologies today evolve sneaky-fast. Is your website keeping up?

Now we are on the verge of a new wave of digital saturation equal to or greater than the arrival of the fax machine.  Your printer is now your fax, scanner and printer – at a minimum.   You can now print on demand from your mobile device. Your website is now your storefront, and it can make or break your brand and your reputation in the marketplace.

Take a look around your office. Still have a filing cabinet?  Kiss it goodbye. A businesswoman is in an office and is looking through a filing cabinet. Horizontally framed shot.Today receipts, documents, and files can be managed through effective digital imaging service providers and software programs. Digital services firms can combine your IT, web and documents management across one integrated platform. Such integration will simplify your document retrieval, take less office space, and move your company forward with digital efficiency and precision. Online offices are not a thing of the future. The future is now!

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